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Bedroom Colours Combination

Colours are the silent weapon which affects your mood and personality. People spend lots of their time in the bedroom. So bedroom colours must be according to your personality. Every individual has its nature (differences from others). If you are doing a job, then you spend a busy and restless day in your office. So when you come home and go to your bedroom, the bedroom colour combination must give you comfort and cosiness. We are listing here some bedroom colour ideas:

* Bedroom Color Ideas:

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We know every person have its own choice. Some people prefer light colours and others prefer dark. We suggest you the 75-25 formula when you were selecting bedroom colour combination. Light colours give you calmness and cosy feel so after a long busy day at work you need a comfortable environment. So 75% of your bedroom colours must be light and bright colours, and the remaining 25% is the combination of dark colours. For bedroom walls, you may select light colours, and for others like a bedsheet and curtains, you may go for some dark touch. 2ND option is for walls you may go for light and some dark touch and for others you may stick on light colours. The colours which irritate your eyes, you must avoid those for a relaxing environment.

* Best Colour For Bedroom Walls:

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White refers to calmness, cleanliness and gives a relaxed feel to your eyes. It provides a crisp look to your bedroom. So when you enter your bedroom after a long day. White colour freshens you and energizes you. You can use any other dark colour with white colour according to your choice. White colour adjusts with every colour, so it’s easy for you to select bed sheet and room furniture Because White colour fits with every bedroom colour combination. Don’t use irritating colours (the colours which irritate you in your daily life) in your wall paints. White colour is on the top list for my best bedroom colours.

* Five Bedroom Colour Combination:

The below pictures are the perfect example of best bedroom colours and wall painting designs for bedroom. The mostly used bedroom colours for wall paint are light colours like white and other. White is the most used colour with combination with others.

  1. The first image is the perfect example of white wall paint bedroom with some dark brown flooring.
  2. The second picture is the full red bedroom design for red lovers. Some people like dark shade in their bedrooms. So the bedroom design is for dark lovers.

    Image by: Unsplash
  3. 3rd bedroom design is another example of light and fresh look. Lime green colour is used in 3rd bedroom design which also looks elegant.

    Image by: Unsplash
  4. 4th-bedroom design is another example of dark lovers. It’s a combination of some black touch on the bedsheet and brown on the wall. These types of designs are rarely used, but some people like these.

    Image by: Unsplash
  5. 5th design is a combination of white and grey. This design looks stunning because white fits in every bedroom colour combination.

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