A Complete Guide: How to Choose Kitchen Tiles

Best Kitchen Tiles

Out of all the areas of your home, your kitchen is undoubtedly the most visited one (due to obvious reasons). Also, it is the busiest area that asks for a little more attention than usual. Whether it is getting the best stovetop or to look for decent yet pragmatic kitchen tiles for your area. It would be best if you had tiles that take your kitchen to the next level and that are suitable to withstand the evermore business of the area.

Tips to Choose Kitchen Tiles:

Choosing the right kitchen tiles by searching tilers near me can be an overwhelming task. Nevertheless, we are here to make your task a little easy with our kitchen guide. Let’s dig into it,

➫ Where Will You Use These Tiles?

backdrop tiles
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The first thing tilers would ask you is their use. Are you looking for tiles for kitchen floors? Or are you looking for a tile backdrop? Because your use will define the type and qualities of your tiles. If you are looking for kitchen flooring, you will need strong, stain-resistant, and slip-resistant tiles.

If you are looking for a wall backdrop, you will need tiles that are wipe resistant and stain resistant tiles that can withstand food or grease splattered on them.

➫ Tile Colours:

Kitchen Tile Colours
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Tilers will also want to see a picture of your kitchen or an idea of your current kitchen and the one you are expecting to get you the best tile colours. Choosing the right colour is up to your taste and choice, but it will also determine your kitchen’s entire ethos.

Pretty, bright colour tiles may entice you, but these are not practical to be utilised in the kitchen unless you want to spend a lot of time cleaning them. Dark colours are usually suitable for the kitchen as these can hide marks easily. Well, if you want to have the best in the world, neutral colours are a brilliant idea.

Here are some useful tips to clean the kitchen stuff in less time.

➫ Tile Size:

kitchen Tile Size
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Aside from the type and colour of kitchen tiles, the size of the tiles is equally essential. When it comes to sizes, tilers Adelaide can guide you well. They will make you find a wide variety of shapes and sizes from little mosaic to large format ones. But, it is up to you to choose the right size.

If you want to make your kitchen look bigger, large tiles are a great idea, but if you’re going to focus on intricate details, smaller tiles will be brilliant. Large tiles are usually suitable for kitchen flooring as these are easy to install, unlike small tiles. The only problem with smaller tiles is that these ask for more grout, which can lead to mould growth. Hence, make sure to apply an antibacterial grout with smaller tiles.

➫ Overall, Your Budget Runs the Game:

There I said it.

Regardless of the tempting tiles laid in front of you, your budget stands above all. If your budget is a fixed trip, your options will be restricted. You may not enjoy the taste of granite, marble, or glass mosaic in your kitchen. Thus, set your budget before searching for the best tile in Adelaide. Look for colour, size, or type that allows your budget as well as looks attractive.

If you are in Adelaide and looking to renovate your kitchen with top-notch kitchen tiles, then please get to know about us here and begin your tiling journey with us.


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