How To Wear Loose Ankle Boots?

Wear Loose Ankle Boots

I recently realized that I have a pair of flat loose-ankle boots I bought last December for the family’s (in-laws) ‘Cowboys vs Aliens’ Christmas-themed party, which I haven’t used again. It was unplanned to buy the boots, but for fun-filled party sake, I bought one. I found a brown flat loose-ankle boot at an Ukay-Ukay store in Starmall, Alabang. It costs me Php 200.00. Though I know it is cheap, it is still expensive if I only have to wear it once. I want to make most of everything I buy, especially my clothes. So here i sharing the ideas how to wear loose ankle boots.

How To Wear Loose Ankle Boots

Since I’m not familiar with dressing myself up using this ankle boots pair, I’m creating my style from boots up. I need to search for tips on wearing them with the right kind of clothes. Here are tips I found at that will help us style and dress up with ankle boots.

Wear Them With Pants/Leggings:

Wear Them With Pants
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Tuck skinny jeans into your ankle boots and pair them with a tight top or loose blouse. If the shoes fit right around the ankle, choose skinny jeans that meet the top of the boot but don’t cover it.

Wear a tunic top or long blouse with leggings and finish the look with a pair of flat ankle boots. While you can wear high-heeled ankle boots, leggings are a more casual look, and flat boots compliment that style.

Belt a short dress over a pair of skinny jeans and tuck the jeans into a pair of wild ankle boots for an edgy look. Ankle boots come in animal prints, studded, chains and other edgy styles to match almost any fashion personality.

Wear Them With Shorts:

  • Show off some legs with a pair of cuffed short shorts and loose-top-style ankle boots. Heeled boots will elongate your legs more than flat boots, but you don’t need a stiletto type heel with shorts.
  • Create a casual look with cut off jean shorts, a tank top and a pair of flat ankle boots. There are cowboy and suede-type ankle boots that make a great summer casual look when paired with jean shorts.

Wear Them With Skirts or a Dress:

  • Choose high-rise ankle boots to pair with a mini skirt or short dress. Generally, higher boots need shorter hemlines.
  • Create an edgy look by pairing black or red ankle boots embellished with chains or gemstones with a short, ultra-feminine dress.
  • Wear a pair of tights underneath a short skirt or dress and pair them with short-style ankle boots. Add a large, solid-coloured belt and a long chain necklace to the look. Make sure the boot colour and style complement the tights and belt.
  • Match a flirty floral dress with a solid-coloured blazer, and finish the outfit with a pair of neutral ankle boots for a professional work look. After work, add some edgy jewellery, lose the blazer, and you’re ready for a night on the town.
  • Pair a tight, knee-length pencil skirt with a pair of short ankle boots. Since the dress is more extended, choose a stiletto type heel to elongate your legs.

Here are Some Do’s and Don’t Tips:

  1. Don’t tuck a wider leg pant in.
  2. Try not to wear cropped leggings.
  3. Don’t wear with boot cut jeans.
  4. Don’t wear flowing, calf-length skirts with ankle boots.

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