5 Fun Things to Do With a Group of Friends

Fun Things to Do With Friends

Friendships are not made overnight, but when they last the sands of time, they become stronger and even more meaningful. However, as we all know it, having good friends is not just about having a shoulder to lean on when times get tough – it is also about sharing happy and fun moments with them as well.

Fun Things to Do With Friends

If you run out of fun ideas when it comes to the things you can do with your friends, check out the following list because we have gathered the top 5 most entertaining activities or things to do with friends for almost any type of group of friends.


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Many of us associate Bingo with our older relatives, but the truth is that we never actually discovered how fun it can be. There’s something about the excitement, the tension and the “luck” associated with this game that always makes people return to it once they’ve tried it. Have a look here to get your closest bingo halls in the UK. Regardless of how old your group of friends is and regardless of what you normally love doing, a game of Bingo will always be a nice and fun choice to spend an evening with some great people!

Adventure Trip:

Adventure Trip
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If you are tired and exhausted from the city and if you really want to get out of it and breathe in some fresh air, an adventure trip is precisely what you and your friends need. You don’t have to go very far – the nearest natural reserve or park will do. Get some tents, some good barbecue food and some nice camping games, and you’ll get your much-deserved break from the dust of the city!


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What could be more fun than hearing your not-so-sober friends singing in high pitches? If your group of friends doesn’t happen to be overwhelmingly talented with singing, chances are you will have tons of fun with a Karaoke night. If you want something more intimate than your regular Karaoke bar, why not organize this at home? With a fairly good stereo system and with some good “negatives”, you can really pull this off. Bring in some drinks, some snacks and some friends ready to party, and you’ll have the time of your life. Oh, and don’t forget to record everything – it makes for excellent “blackmail” material for your friends.

Make a Movie:

We cannot all be excellent singers, and we obviously cannot all be movie stars – but you can be whatever you like when your friends are around! If you have always wanted to “star” in a movie, gather your friends and shoot one. Be as “professional” as possible and split the work among all of you: someone will have to do the scriptwriting, someone will be the director, someone will shoot the videos, and someone will edit them. Who knows? Considering the fact that there are tons of indie movies out there gaining more and more appreciation every day, you may even get famous!

Kids’ Night:

No, this is not an activity for a group of kids but an activity for a group of adults who want to get a taste of their childhood. Get your favorite childhood snacks, some Disney movies and some of those old-school board games and have fun with your friends! We may not be able to turn the time back, but who says that growing up should mean leaving all those fun things behind?