Best Hanging Indoor Plants For Home

Hanging Indoor Plants

Interior design is not a strong unit of every home or apartment, but the hanging indoor plant can create a unique interior. Artificial hanging indoor plants can also be used to decorate your home. Before choosing which plants can be a great fit and enhance the beauty of your home, you should read the following suggestion i have summarized here.

Tips to Choose Hanging Indoor Plants

Many plants work in hanging planters, but not all of them are good for hanging. That’s why some of the best plants for hanging can help you choose the best for your style. Also, there are many styles and ways to hang the plants; you can also select the style of your own choice that best fits you. You can put them over the top of the furniture or create some bookcase also build a trellis is also one of the best ways to hang the plants.

Best Indoor Hanging Plants

Image by: Flickr

Following are 10 best indoor hanging plants:

  1. Peperomia
  2. Marble Pothos
  3. Orchids
  4. English Ivy
  5. String of Pearls
  6. String of Heart
  7. Baby’s Tears
  8. Chenille Plant
  9. Arrowhead Plant
  10. Air Plant


Peperomia indoor plant
Image by: Pexels

The peperomia hanging plants are considered to be the easy-to-care indoor plants because they don’t demand a lot of water. They can grab all the thirst and sunlight from the brightly lit room that they need to grow. Peperomia has a little in-depth root system, and it can grow in small vessels.

Marble Pothos:

Marble Pothos hanging indoor plant
Image by: Flickr

Marble Pothos is the perfect houseplant for beginners. Pothos is one of the easiest and most popular you can grow. Then indoor plants can be easily placed in the room, living area, or even bathroom. They can survive in the low sunlight as well.


orchids hanging plants
Image by: Pixabay

These indoor orchids plants require full sunlight to grow. Place them in the area where they can grab the sunshine or place them in front of the window is best. Their unique shapes can inspire the people who visit the place. One more benefit of orchids is they are pet-friendly.

English Ivy:

English Ivy hanging plant
Image by: Pxfuel

English ivy house plant is a super fast-growing and climbing indoor vine plant. These are also popular for spreading over the building and trees, making a charming look of the house.

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