Impact of Social Health on Daily Life

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Humans are social animals. We humans naturally make connections and relations for our satisfaction and general health. You could be eating healthy food. However, you could take full sleep but still missing a vital part of overall health. With a significant proportion of the elderly population and increased mental health cases, society is more aware of social health. In modern societies, people believe that a more socially active person is more reliable and trustworthy. It is just because of his interaction with other humans. Today majority of people is socially engaged. They are busy with other activities and are always busy with social media and mobile gaming. They cut off from their families, friends, and other people.

Why is Social Health Important?

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Our social health and social relations are a significant part of our overall health. According to the French Government, “social connection protects mental health. We interact with people every day. The quantity and quality of our links affect our physical and psychological health. Maintaining a healthy number of connections and relations with others lets you build strong personal relations with them. These connections include friendships and building relationships within the profession. These relationships and connections are beneficial in our difficult times. They stand with us in front of our hurdles and help us and motivate us for facing these challenges. Scientific studies show that people with poor relations and connections are more likely to die younger than those with a good level of relationships and contacts.

The Problem with Isolation:

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Isolation can kill a person. The scientist has compared both isolated men with a smoker and published their studies showing that an isolated man and a smoker who smoked 15 cigarettes per day are equal. These both are deadly as each other. A person who is isolated 50 % could die early than a person who has good healthy relationships. A lonely person is more likely to go into depression. Isolation destroys the human immune system, and a lonely man is more likely to be affected by cardiac diseases, neuron diseases, and others. A person not having social and emotional support is expected to have bad health.

Importance of Happiness over Wealth:

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European nations know that the social health of a person is more important than wealth. They have realized that the happiness of their citizen is more important than their Gross National Product (GDP). So now their main focus is to improve the social interaction of citizens. Some countries are arranging surveys in their areas to determine the happiness of their people. They are asking these questions in surveys. Are you satisfied with your life? Are you happy with your family? How are you living in your current home? How much time did you spend with your friends and family? What do you think about things you do in your life are worthwhile? These answers help the local government and policymakers make rules, regulations and policies to improve their social lives.

Importance of Digital Media:

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We are aware that digital platforms are essential. But they should give proper time to family members, friends, and others. It is the only way to improve physical health and mental health. The study has proved that good social interaction has both good physical and psychological health. It has also demonstrated that people who are not properly interacting with others have bad mental health and physical.

My Opinion:

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In my opinion, it will be a better choice for both adults and children to give more time to your friends and family members and try to make more and more new relations than giving time to social media. By taking all these measures, the quality of your life will rank higher, and you shall be satisfied by your life and the task you are achieving in your life.


It does not matter. What is your age? What is your stage of life? You need to make relations and connections and give value to them. Also, provide value to friendships you have and keep making new ones because your physical, mental and social health will improve the quality of your lifestyle. You shall be able to confront hurdles and challenges in your life, and you shall enjoy your life. You shall start enjoying your life and start loving yourself. It is possible when you make good friends and good relations.