What Does HMU Mean and How Can People Use it?

HMU mean

The use of abbreviations in everyday conversations have become common. It is one of them so what does HMU mean? It simply stands for “Hit me Up. Twitter, Facebook, and Snap Chat conversations are full of abbreviations because people don’t want to waste time typing words. TBH, to be honest, FYI, for your information and MIA missing in action are some of the abbreviations that people normally use on social media platforms. To understand these abbreviations, you need to have familiarized yourself with them because some people even mix them making it even harder to understand. It has become common.

What Does HMU Mean?

HMU simply stands for “Hit Me Up”. It means “Call me when you get the time or we need to talk”. The person can either call or text you depending on their convenient form of communication. It is normally used when some texts and recipient is busy at the moment. The sender then accepts to wait until the recipient becomes free so that the two can talk without being disrupted. It could also be used when the recipient promises to find something then call or text back. It is just a short form of text me back or call me back. Check the examples below to understand some of the uses of HMU slang or abbreviation.

Example One:

“Mike Lost a Pen Yesterday in the office, HMU when you find it”


Example Two:

“I am looking forward to buying a second hand BMW X6 car. HMU when you find someone selling it”

In the two examples, the recipient of the message is supposed to inform the sender when a certain task is complete. So what does hmu mean in text? It simply means reply back but the meaning of HMU simply varies from one context to another. You need to know how to use it appropriately to avoid bringing another meaning.

How to use HMU?

If you want to know how to use HMU, ask yourself the question “what does HMU mean?” It depends on the context of the conversation. The main purpose is to enable recipients of a message to get back to you the moment they are free or can contact you. It could also be used in a situation where the recipient is given a task and once the task is complete, he or she is supposed to call or text back. HMU serves like a common to a conversation that needs to be continued or finished later. Use HMU per the topic under discussion so that you don’t sound off the topic. It is just like telling someone to remind you when he or she finds the subject under discussion. Take a look at the examples below so that you understand the contexts under which you can use this abbreviation.

Example one: Using HMU in a Conversation

HMU in a Conversation

In this conversation, John promises to call or text back once he reaches home so that he can assist person A with his car.

Example Two: Using HMU in a sentence

“John made me laugh today because of his hilarious jokes.
Please HMU when you get some jokes so that I can also make John laugh”.

Mean On Snapchat:

What Does HMU Mean On Snapchat
Image by: Pixabay

Many people are asking themselves, “what does HMU mean” on Snapchat? It has found itself embedded in conversations meant to make people revert later when they find the subject under discussion. On many Snapchat, either the recipient is busy or they are yet to find the object under discussion. Mostly HMU used to act as a pause in conversations so that they can continue later when the recipient accomplishes the agreed task. An example is when the recipient doesn’t know the answer to the question then he or she promises to reply when the answer becomes available. HMU doesn’t have a question mark but it serves as a request for clarification or answers. If you are still asking yourself “what does HMU mean on Snapchat”, Look at the examples below.


HMU use

In this conversation, Grace doesn’t know any HR specialist but she promises to seek one. Mercy asks Grace to Hit Her Up when she finds the appropriate potential candidate. On Snapchat, it is simply used to pause conversations until the appropriate information comes out.

What Does HMU Mean In Texting:

Texting itself doesn’t require a lot of typing unless one wants to easily get tired. Short forms are predominant because people want to save time and also prevent a lot of reading and correcting of words. So what does HMU mean in texting? It can be used in texting to mean reply back when you get time. You may even call someone and find out they are not reachable. When you write it, it means you are telling them to call you back when they become available. What does HMU mean in texts? Here are some of the examples of how you can use it in texts.


HMU example

Final Thoughts:

Having looked at all the above explanations, what does HMU mean? It’s simply means call me back or text me back. The person receiving the message will look for time and get back to you whether for purposes of giving you an answer or for purposes of giving you a clarification. It all depends on the context of the discussion but mostly is used when conversations are to be finished at a later time. For more stories and tips pleasevisit Ballet Home


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