Why Westies Are The Worst: The Surprising Truth


West Highland White Terriers, familiar as Wests, have been swiftly losing popularity as a breed in recent few years. This jolly, high-spirited, and nice-to-train label was a solid hit. They are undoubtedly famous among Westie owners but may only be reliable for some pet owners. Many people are surprised and wonder why Westies are the worst. Our team and I, who are dog lovers, are here today to prove whether this thickness is actual or not. So let’s find out.

10 Reasons Why Westies Are The Worst:

If you are looking for a pet, think more than once about getting Westie puppies. Why Westies are the bad dog might come as a shock to some, but there are some reasons why this breed of canine is not suitable as a family pet. From their energy levels to their aggressive Trends, there is a diversity of factors that make Westies a less than sensible option. In this article, we’ll take a look at most of the essential reasons why Westies are the worst in the world and give you suggestions if they’re the right pet for you and your whole family.


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People note that Westies can be aggressive towards humans, but there are many fundamentals for Westie behavior problems. Westies are the worst because they are not very friendly with other dogs, and in most, they will be the ones who, at times, fight with giant dogs. On the other side, Tips and Tricks on how to cool down a dog.

Not Easy To Train:

Westies are not the earliest dog owners. These freethinkers find acquiescence training, or even potty training, like backbreaking work. On the median, a dog of this breed wants almost 30 percent of its daily activity, such as dutifulness and restraint. Naturally, some species are more arduous than others, but many good trainers present with years of experience who can come in for your Westie on the correct route.

Health Issues:

Like every dog breed, Westies are hunted for various illnesses. However, these diseases differ from type to type, and some are more susceptible than others. Due to their short hair, West Highland Terriers are liable to allergies and asthma in hot weather. They are familiar with curing common Western health issues from the patella and hips. Do you know how long West Highland terriers live? They can live up to 16 years of age.

Short Haircut:

Westies have short haircuts. They have a double coat, a short undercoat, and a two-inch long topcoat. Due to their hair, West Highland Terriers are liable to allergies and asthma in hot weather.


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The West Highland White Terriers do need periodic grooming. White coats seemed soft, but they were rough. To make them sift, you need to be brushing. Daily brushing of your dog is necessary to keep the coat clean and for healthy skin.

When You Are Outdoor:

When their owners are not at home, Westies have been known to wreak havoc in the house, be they head of state or large dogs. A Westie’s energy must be channeled from exercise to walks and exercise, even if trained to turn down habits.

High Prey-Drive:

Westies were usually bred as Worm hunters, thus, the powerful prey drive. They’re familiar with being fast by smaller animals, other pets, and even children, so be more vigilant on all sides.

This type of action is also matched to poor socialization. So, if you need to be more assertive about your Westie’s behavior or training, keep them on the rope at all times.


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Many people think of West Highland White Terriers as friend dogs; the lifespan of a West Highland terrier is relatively high and energetic. Even though they think they want to be a bit more Restless in the house. Why are Westies so expensive? Because they grow up in activities and games. You should train your dog and spend at least two hours with us. Westies want plenty of large areas to run and play. If these wishes are not touched, they may show signs of anger, such as barking and chewing.


Westies can be full of oneself, which many owners find unhappy or tense. They howl and always yawn at the not exact time. Many People fuss that their Westies bark all the time. Give your attention to them. So, if you have yet to give attention, try taking him outdoors. Westies are generally vocal when scared and often listen and respond before their humans, so they are called “tough dogs.”

They Are Not Loving:

Not very often, Westies return our affection. As a result, if you observe that your dog isn’t as good as you expect, he may be feeling unsure or waiting for you to come with him. Also, it’s OK to remember that although dog guides are comfortable, they are not 99% trustworthy. There should be enough room for other hopes, mostly when we’re discussing
about intelligent dogs.

Common FAQs About The Westie Puppies:

Common Problems in Westies
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Are Westies Bad Dogs?

If you are looking for a quiet pet, it is good for us. The Westies breed is not the best choice for you. Hence, they are addicted to bark and not restful pets.

Are Westies Aggressive?

They are not so friendly with other dogs.If they feel angry toward those nearby, they become dangerous. Tricks and advice for soothing a dog so they become obedient and calm. They will be the ones who, at times, fight with giant dogs.

What Are The Problems With Westies?

Westie health issues, like atopic dermatitis, deafness, luxated patella, and Legg-Perthes disease, are in it. For her small hair, they are also liable to allergies and asthma in hot weather.

What Causes Westie’s Death?

The leading cause of death in Highland Westies is heart failure. Their most prominent reason for heart failure is their weaknesses.

Do Westerners Have A Favourite Person?

Yes, Westies play with their most likely person. These dogs are not loyal to everyone because they have a ruler and want to spend too much time with them.