9 Best Types of Ceilings to Install in your Home

Types of Ceilings

To obtain a sophisticated look in the interior of your house, it is essential not to overlook the importance of beautiful ceilings. They are different types of ceilings available in the market, and you have the freedom to select from the versatile designs and ceiling finish options.

Types of Ceilings Available Include:

Following are some best ceilings ideas;

1. Vaulted Ceilings:

best vaulted Ceilings
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The vaulted ceilings are high end that resembles an inverted V. The design of this ceiling enables you as the homeowner to decorate depending on your taste and preference.

It is possible to attach the ceiling to the roof trusses to allow room for proper ventilation and adequate insulation. Vaulted ceilings are not limited to specific rooms in your residence, but they can adequately suit living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and washrooms. Although it is worth noting that the ceiling consumes high levels of energy due to the number of large spaces that this design creates, also, it is often hard to change the original paint and fixtures.

2. Suspended Ceilings:

Best Suspended Ceilings
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It is commonly known as drop ceilings by most ceiling design companies. In most cases, this type of design comes below an old ceiling. The ceiling covers the old ceiling uniquely and beautifully.
You can use these types of ceilings to hide various wirings and fixtures from the initial ceiling. It is lightweight, and most designers suspend a metal grid. The level of the ceiling is quite low, but incredibly.

3. Coffered Ceilings:

Best Coffered Ceilings
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Most modern homes prefer these types of ceilings due to their ceiling texture types. It incorporates a unique style of sunken panels. It is possible to diversify in the design options in your home in terms of the selection of the type of lighting styles and design colors.

4. Beamed Ceilings:

The ceiling finish options allow for the beams in the ceilings to be visible in a unique manner. The range of exposure of beams can vary depending on your preference and type of design you opt to purchase. It adds something extra in the interior design of your home, and the level of designing your ceilings is limitless.

5. Shed Ceilings:

Shed ceilings are modern styles of ceilings that bring out a rare spectrum in the interior design of your residence or commercial area. The ceiling type architecture is unique and rises upwards from the bottom. You can opt for the ceiling to rise in a sharp manner or a subtle design.
At the top of the ceiling, you can create windows to ensure there is proper illumination of natural light in the room. The windows can also play a significant role in regulating the temperatures in your room. It can be a beautiful type of ceiling to incorporate in a small room that has minimal windows.

6. Coved Ceilings:

The unique types of ceilings incorporate a modern style in their design. The ceiling texture types are incredible for most houses. What makes this ceiling outstanding is its design properties; it rises from both sides and advances at the center.

You can opt for the rise of the ceilings to be either steep or gradual, depending on the installation room. The design is most suitable for areas that are under a staircase or even in the attic space. You can also use the coved ceiling in other areas, such as the bathroom.

7. Tray Ceilings:

If you want to bring out something unique in the interior of your kitchen and dining room, then these types of ceilings can be an incredible choice. The drywall ceiling texture types resemble a standard tray and have a rectangular center.

You can opt for an inverted or popped style to bring out something modern and stylish. Also, it is possible to add some steps in the style of the ceiling texture types to create a subtle feeling in your house’s interior design.

8. Conventional or Traditional Ceilings:

There is nothing unique about conventional ceilings. It is a simple design found in most traditional homes or in homesteads of people who don’t value modern design.
The ceilings are easy to manipulate by adding decorative features on them. The height of the ceiling is accessible, as they are not too high. The use of standard materials in the construction makes the types of ceiling finishes less durable than the other different types of ceilings.

9. Cathedral Ceilings:

The cathedral types of ceilings resemble the structure of a cathedral. Both sides of the ceiling slope symmetrically downwards from a centralized tip. The sides can proceed with the sloping design until they reach the ground. Thus you can use this design for your cabin or the attic.


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