Train Your Dog How to Use Outdoor Dog Kennel

large Outdoor Dog Kennel

Having an Outdoor dog kennel is one of the ways of ensuring your Dog lives a perfect life. Before the Dog can effectively utilize the Kennel, it must be trained. Training is easy as long as you can play with your Dog’s instincts and revolutionize its habits to get used to the large outdoor dog kennel. Failure to train the Dog would make the Dog feel like it is being subjected to torture or bondage.

Here are some of the steps that you can use to teach the Dog.

➫ Kennel Introduction:

One of the outdoor dog kennel ideas is to ensure you assimilate your Dog to the kennel life. Start by choosing the best location of your compound where the Dog would most probably like. An open place where there is a sufficient amount of light is always the best one. Hidden or dark areas are not a perfect place for the dog kennel, and any place you choose should be visible from the house.

The first trick is to pimp the Kennel and make it look like a leisure place. First, put a blanket or a soft-surfaced material that will act as a carpet inside. Allow the Dog to use the Outdoor dog kennel as a leisure center. You can talk to your Dog around the Kennel so that it doesn’t view the place as a punishment center.

Since you are the dog owner, try to put some of the dog favorites foods in the dog kennel outdoor. It will automatically make your Dog associate the Kennel with some proper treatment, and it will always come inside to whenever instructed.

➫ Meals Served in the Kennel:

dog eating food
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Once the dog has gotten used to the large outdoor dog kennel and run, you can now advance the adaptation process by serving even the common meals at the Kennel. If the Dog is still resistant to getting inside, you can place the food as far as much away from the opening as possible. Since it would not be ready to stay hungry, it will be compulsory for the Dog to enter inside.

Whenever you place food in the Kennel make sure you don’t make your Dog feel anxious, make it look like a routine activity. An outdoor Dog kennel may be deemed as a punishment if you harass the dogs to enter or use it.

➫ Make Your Dog Get Used to the Kennel:

dog inside kannel
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To make it used to the outdoor dog kennel with roof, make sure the Dog stays in the Kennel for at least 10 minutes even after it stops feeding. That is the best way to ensure it get use to the Kennel. Wait until the dog starts to bark or whine about being out because if it does, it means it has started to develop some resistance. The Dog will also learn that for it to be let out of the heavy-duty outdoor dog kennel, it need to cry to whine.

➫ Duration of Dog Stay in the Kennel:

After the first two-steps, it’s time to step up the training and begin to mentally prepare the Dog that the Kennel is its house. Start by calling it to its Kennel and serve food or special treats. Start by using commands so that the Dog enters the house and ensure it respects the command.

Try to leave it alone in the Kennel for some minutes. You can sit some distance away from the Kennel. This will give the Dog some independence to stay alone in the Outdoor dog kennel.

➫ Leave the Dog Inside the Kennel When Moving Out:

Dog Inside the Kennel
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At night, the Dog is going to sleep, and you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to maximize its time in the Kennel. Stay with it until falls asleep, then leave alone inside to get use to the dog outdoor kennel. When the Dog starts getting used to sleeping alone in the Kennel, it will become easy for you to use it during the day. Try to increase the treats so that it associates the Kennel with some good things that come afterward. When you are leaving for your daily duties, command it to enter inside, say a quick goodbye then leave it in the outdoor dog kennel.

➫ Conclusion:

Teaching your Dog how to use the Kennel is not easy because, at times, it might cry or whine. Get use to it and make it more secure, you can use kennel covers so that it doesn’t get afraid. Maintaining the Kennel is a DIY outdoor dog kennel, so you don’t need an expert to do that for you.

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