How Long Can Cats Go Without Food

How Long Can Cats Go Without Food

Cats are resilient animals, And also cats were thought to return home after several days or weeks, seemingly surviving on their own. Alternatively, some cats may suddenly decide to sniff out their usual pet food, refusing to eat it every time you put it down for them. So you may be wondering how long a cat can survive without food. In this article, we explore that how long can cats go without food.

How Long Can Cats Go Without Food?

How Long Can Cats Go Without Food
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The average cat can technically survive without food for one to two weeks if they have a supply of water. However, it can be three to four days without protein, even if they have enough water. Without water or food, a cat can’t survive more than three days. It is important to emphasise that a cat that has not had food for two days may become malnourished and sick and maybe need immediate veterinary care for cat health. All cats need regular fresh food and fresh water to stay happy.

Although many domestic cats can successfully hunt mice, squirrels and other small animals, Not all cats can find their food. Domestic cats often get used to feeding at certain times, and if that doesn’t happen, they can’t try to find an alternative food source.

* Reasons Why Cats Stopped Eating:

Why Cats Stopped Eating
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The cat’s behaviour is not always understood. However, if your cat has recently stopped feeding, there are several possible reasons, including:

1. Illness:

Cats often skip meals because they are sick. If your cat looks colourless and has vomiting, lethargy or fever, get help from a veterinarian right away. If vomiting persists and their appetite does not return to normal after a few days, see a doctor as soon as possible.

2. Dental Problems:

If your cat is reluctant to eat, she tries but can’t eat or doesn’t let you touch her head or mouth, and she may need a dental check.

3. Upset Stomach:

If your cat has eaten something that does not agree with them, they will not want to eat for a while until they recover.

4. New Food:

Your cat may not have eaten because of the new food.

5. Anxiety, Stress, Or Depression:

The cat may not have eaten because of the changing environment. The cat may feel anxious and can be scared from the noise.

How Do I Feed My Cat?

How Can I Get Back My Cat To Eat
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Several things you can try to get your cat to eat again:

1. Stress can be a factor. Make sure their dish is in a quiet area.
2. Make sure both their food and water bowls are clean.
3. Give them wet food and smaller meals
4. Feed the cat alone. If you have more animals in your home, the cat maybe feels uncomfortable.
5. Cat’s don’t like cold food. Give them lukewarm food.
6. Offer comfort and attention. Some cats want attention when they eat.

Final Thought:

There are Different reasons your cat has stopped eating, but if your cat has not eaten for more than 24 hours, and If she is not drinking water or has other symptoms or behavioural changes, It is important to contact your doctor.