Latest Korean Haircut For Men of 2024

Latest Korean Haircut For Men of 2024

The Korean beauty industry is famous worldwide for how it has instantly changed the face of beauty. Korea leads the world in so many industries, and when it comes to fashion and styling, it is nowhere behind either. In light of this, I explored many Korean haircuts for men in 2024, with more people turning to try out Korean haircut for men trends.

Korean Haircut For Men:

Korean Haircut For Men
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As a result, Korea is known globally for its approach to men’s hair. K-pop musicians are famous for supporting heavily stylized cuts that are pretty edgy and unconventional. These Korean cuts for men tend to be one of the most favored by younger guys looking to make a statement with their hair. Here’s the list of 10 Korean haircuts you will surely like for men to try in 2024.

Two Block Haircut:

The two-block haircut is one of the most popular Korean haircuts for men today. It’s the classic formula of long on the top and short on the sides but with a distinctly Korean personality. The top is usually heavily textured and resembles a bowl cut in its shape. The hangs down instead of being brushed up or back, but there is also volume on the top. Essentially, the hair is so long and thick that it blooms at the top and falls around the circumference of the head.

The sides are kept shorter for contrast, but there is no gold standard for how fast to go. Block haircuts typically feature sides longer than you’d see with styles like the undercut.

Curtain Bangs:

Curtain Bangs
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Every K-pop boy band singer has rocked a curtain hairstyle at one point or another. This hugely popular hairstyle features long bangs parted in the middle for a dramatic curtain-like result. Some guys go for a straighter fringe that’s a little bolder, but others opt for a wavy fringe that creates a softer look. Like most Korean haircut for men it would help if you had bangs that go at least past your eyebrows to pull off this style, and as shown here, many guys go even longer so that the fringe falls to the bottom of the eye.


You can always get a regular mullet to avoid going full wolf. But the Korean mullet isn’t exactly a typical ’80s MacGyver haircut- instead, it’s usually a more textured cut with shorter wings. The mullet can be curly or feathery; the top is generally styled in two blocks and mashed fashion.

Mash Haircut:

Mash Haircut
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You can only talk about Korean haircut for men if you mention mash haircuts. The mash in question here is a variation of “mush,” which is short for “mushroom.” It’s a top-heavy style similar to a bowl cut with a mushroom-like shape.

Asymmetrical Fringe:

The asymmetrical fringe is another hairstyle you’ll often see K-pop stars wearing. It’s essentially the curtain hairstyle minus one of the sides, resulting in a neat style that subtly stands out. There is no way to style it; it should be messy. Also, consider which side you want the fringe to be on. You might prefer one side over the other.

See-Through Bangs:

See-Through Bangs
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This isn’t a singular hairstyle; it is a crucial element of Korean men’s haircuts. All kinds of Korean hairstyles feature these thin bangs with spaces in between. Skinny bangs look more casual and add more visual variation to a haircut, which is presumably why it’s such a popular technique.


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You don’t have to look far to find Korean guys and K-pop idols with bleached or colored hair. Typically, lighter and more metallic are most common. Blond, silver, and even rosy colors are all popular choices.

Wolf Cut:

The wolf cut is characterized by its thick, jagged layers and messy silhouette. It’s not uncommon for the hair to fall onto the shoulders, though you can use a shorter mullet for a tamer look.

Textured Fringe:

Textured Fringe
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By now, you have probably noticed a trend: the Korean style is full of fringe hairstyles and textured hair. One option is to keep the bang long, loose, and unbrushed for a devil-may-care look. Similar to most common hairstyles, a textured fringe demands loads of textured and overall messiness. Also, it is important for side and back for cut to contrast with the hair on top and anchor the style.

Brushed Back:

Brushed Back
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The brushed-back style is one of the few Korean haircut shortcuts for men with a fringe. Instead, this look borrows from hairstyles like the quaff to create a polished yet carefree vibe. Note that the top and sides are much longer than similar Western hairstyles. This length ensures the hair can be brushed back and looped over to create unkempt waves, but you’ll want to nail the texture.


Above, we share the list of Korean haircuts for men. Choose any hairstyle from these to enhance your looks. There is a wide range of Korean haircut for men hairstyles according to your face and hair.

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